HIDIZS MP145 LGTE Review - baskingshark

HIDIZS MP145 LGTE Review - baskingshark

The Titanium Edition, like the OG MP145, contains a 14.5 mm planar driver, with 7 N52H magnets sandwiching it on the front, and 7 more on the back; these are advertised to decrease distortion and provide a more efficient magnetic circuit, an almost 1 Tesla flux obtained.

This IEM has 3 tuning nozzles, which confers some differences in the frequency response, mostly in the upper mids and treble regions:

The MP145 Titanium Edition is a U-shaped beast, with the silver nozzle providing the brightest tuning, and the red nozzle in the darkest extreme.

Technicalities, soundstage and clarity are understandably better on the silver nozzle, with some resolution loss and compression on the red ones. The gold nozzle is a midpoint between the two in technicalities and treble extension, and is probably a good compromise amongst the 3 nozzles, retaining the strengths of both sets.

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