HIDIZS MP145 LGTE Review - cqtek

HIDIZS MP145 LGTE Review - cqtek

For this review I have used the Silver filter to achieve the best possible detail.

For clarification I will write GT to refer to the Golden Titanium version.

As I mentioned, the MP145 GTs with the Silver filter are more like the standard version with the Rose Gold filter, but with more controlled treble and a subtle lift in the sub-bass. What is noticeable in the bass is a certain deeper, more sensory feel. The pure tone test describes the audible end in that way, there is a more physical behaviour in the lower notes, with a low audible sensation. This behaviour interchanges as the hertz increase, reaching a rather powerful presence at the sub-bass limit. However, although the audible presence is not very noticeable in the lower frequencies, both the response and the performance seem quite natural, offering a low sensation of colouration and a quite realistic, slightly dark behaviour. It is certainly not a performance like an excellent dynamic driver, as it has less texture, but its sound is clean, polished and refined. In my opinion, the MP145 GTs pass the pure tone test with flying colours.

Moving on to real music testing, the MP145 GTs have a firm, powerful, concrete, very restrained, dry, tight, very fast recovery hit, which translates into a smooth behaviour, with a little rough texture, but that can vary and improve depending on the source. The decay is fast, as are the transients, the aftertaste is very low, the rubbery or elastic sensation is reduced, just enough to draw an attractive, but not too voluminous bass, which occupies a good space, even so, contained. 

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