Hidizs MP145 Review - Audio Reviews.News

Hidizs MP145 Review - Audio Reviews.News

What’s in the box

Hidizs MP145 in-ear monitors draw inspiration from whales’ biological features, seamlessly incorporating whale tail and rorqual pleat characteristics for a smooth, ergonomic shape that fits perfectly in the human ear canal.

The soundstage on the MP145 is quite impressive as it feels very extended, especially in terms of width. The forwardness of the center and upper mid-range plays into the wide soundstage and creates an immersive effect. Imaging is very good, and vocals and instruments are placed accurately around the soundstage. Layering is very good with a decent amount of separation and excellent cohesion between instruments and vocals.

The MP145 is an IEM with details and technicalities and also tonal balance and musicality. Its midrange is one of the best you’ll hear in this price range in terms of tone and clarity.


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