Hidizs MP145 Review - Kmmbd/Kazi Mahbub

Hidizs MP145 Review - Kmmbd/Kazi Mahbub

The Hidizs MP145 have a rugged metal build that feels substantial when worn. The all-aluminum chassis has a “whale fin” inspired backplate design. The stairstep pattern adds some flair to the design and makes the MP145 stand out, but the edges are sharp and can be uncomfortable.

Hidizs advertises that the MP145 is close to the Harman 2019 V2 target, which is accurate if you only consider the 500 – 1000Hz region. The rest of it deviates quite noticeably, albeit not negatively.

The Hidizs MP145 are perhaps the best IEMs Hidizs has released so far. I have tried nearly all of them, and in terms of tuning, the MP145 remain the most balanced in the lineup.


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