HIDIZS MP145 Review - Supanont Jamornsuriya

HIDIZS MP145 Review - Supanont Jamornsuriya

Low-end provides very good bass textures. Thick and full sub bass and mid bass. Punchiness is fast and strong in mid-bass region. But its slightly lack of rumbling in sub bass region. I can feel vibrancy from the acoustic double bass clearly. Bass got quite good control. There is no bleeding or overshadowing into other frequencies. Quantity is a bit above average. It is plenty for me, but cannot say it is much enough to call a bass head.

Mid frequency has a hint of warmth in both male and female vocal. The vocal is lush, smooth and forward. For some might worry about the mid dip which usually happened in many Planar-IEMS but it not for MP145. And yes it is not kind of the cleanest vocal. I prefer this organic sounding more than analytical clean and lean sounding. The instrumental sounding is quite defined yet smooth with good clarity. With the stock cable can feel that vocal is a bit overshadowing the instrument if you are that picky. (Solution = Re-cabling)

High-end provides crips, clean, airy, yet neutral treble with fairly good extension. I cannot notice any planar sheen for the MP145 which amazes me. Micro and Marco detail are presented quite well in this region without any piercing to made my ears fatigue in long listening sessions.

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