Hidizs MS1-Galaxy Review - nxnje

Hidizs MS1-Galaxy Review - nxnje

The MS1-Galaxy look pretty good in their well-built and transparent plastic shells, and the faceplate has a shiny texture that is pleasant to look at when reflecting sunlight or other types of light.

The Hidizs MS1-Galaxy are bassy and warm with smooth treble. Hidizs markets these as Harman tuned but in fact they are almost L-shaped to my ears.

Soundstage is above average for the price range, with very good width and a nice sense of height. Sure, depth is not like on more expensive sets, but there aren’t many IEMs in this price range that can give a bit of depth perception.

The Hidizs MS1-Galaxy are a very safe buy in their price bracket: they sound punchy, fun, warm and they are also very comfortable.


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