The MS2 sounds fairly warm, musical, and engaging. Hidizs aimed for a killer price to performance ratio as usual and seems like they nailed it with the MS2.

Hidizs has managed to tune the MS2 as a good all-rounder. So what makes it a good all-rounder then? The MS2 has a slightly boosted bass response with a slightly recessed midrange combined with an exciting yet smooth treble reproduction. This light V-ish tuning allows it to play nice with many genres. The technical capability of the MS2 punches above its price bracket as well, it has good detail retrieval and imaging capability for its price and it managed to impress me. The MS2 is not a strict V-shape earphone because it shows fairly good balance across the spectrum. The frequency ranges do not shadow each other or try to override each other, even during complex passages where there are multiple instruments on the stage. Hidizs has done a good job with this IEM. Let’s try to dissect the sound and take a closer look.

Last Words

Hidizs has managed to create a capable monitor that punches above its price tag. The MS2 sounds great looks good and comes with a rich package. It is a good all-rounder thanks to the smooth yet detailed presentation. It sounds coherent, clean, and airy. It also features a wide stage with great instrument separation. If you are new to this hobby and on the lookout for a capable IEM that won’t set you back financially, this is it. Though beware, it will be hard to find an upgrade after this one, you may need to double the price tag to get something significantly better.


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