HIDIZS MS3 Review - regancipher

HIDIZS MS3 Review - regancipher

The immediate first impression of the MS3 is its unmistakeable quality. The shells, despite weighing over 7g, do not feel especially heavy thanks to their well-proportioned, ergonomic dimensions, but they do feel incredibly well made.

The MS3 boasts a hybrid driver configuration of a single DMDC 3rd Generation PEEK driver handling the bass, and two Knowles SWFK-31736 composite balanced armatures dealing with the mids and highs. HIDIZS redesigned the the crossover point, using tantalum capacitors for their higher frequency response and lower equivalent series resistance, with the aim of delivering higher resolution, better, more accurate treble extension and wider sound field performance ability, but despite this, driver cohesion steps aside in favour of powerful, slightly boomy lower frequencies, crispy trebles (sometimes a little too crispy), dynamics and quite impressive technicalities.

MS3 is a good choice in its price bracket, and the three very usable filters bring added versatility. If you seek a balance of a wider soundstage, good technicalities and energy, and favour this over a natural tone and timbre, then this might be one to add to your collection. Given this retailed at $169 at one point, the current offer price at HIDIZ is an absolute steal.



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