HIDIZS MS3 Review - ZP Productions

HIDIZS MS3 Review - ZP Productions

The IEM is comfortable. The size is quite small and fits flush with my ear. The weight is relatively low at 7.5g per side and is molded to the shape of the ear cavity. It does mean that it fits snugly without much movement and supported by the ear itself rather than the canal and hook, which is something I pretty much prefer. 

For this review, I used the balanced filter (Rose Gold) and vocal tips. I felt this combination was the best as the earphone was on the spicy side for the upper mids and treble, as such the high frequency filter (silver) was out. The low frequency filter (Red) makes the bass a little too bloated for me and the vocals recessed while not addressing the spiciness much compared to the balanced filter. Vocal tips were used as the default balance tip makes the mids a little too laid back and far for me, the vocals tips bring it up to a more balanced tone.

The general tonality to me was a slightly warm type with spiciness up top. The overall sound felt slightly elevated bass and treble. I won’t call it V shaped as the bass itself isn’t that strong but the frequency around the 5-8k point seems to be elevated causing some sibilance in female vocals and also some percussion instruments for the point of impact sound. Overall the tonality and balance seems to fit most songs, except those with a mix of female vocals + certain bass instruments and higher pitched string mixed songs. An example was Shatter Me which I felt quite fatiguing to listen to on long sittings.

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