MS4 Review - Project A³

MS4 Review - Project A³


HIDIZS has graciously provided us with this sample unit in exchange for an honest review. The views discussed below are a reflection of Project A3's thoughts surrounding the product. In order to obtain an apropos result of the review, the target sample has been run in for at least 50 hours before reviewing.

Hidizs made a name for themselves way back when they had the crowd-funded AP200 hit the audiophile community by storm, at the time players capable of operating a non-gated build of android was not the norm it is today, and they've since followed it up with a many different successes, including the AP80(Stay tuned for that), and now they've decided to enter the IEM market as well with the MS4, an ambitious entry sporting a 4*(One of the drivers being a Knowles dual unit.) driver hybrid that isn't entirely all that common at the manufacturer suggested retail price of $269 and sometimes on sale. How does the Mermaid perform? How does it compare to the rest of the pack? Finn out in the full review below.

● Delivers on a cohesive sound for a hybrid.
● High quality build and included accessories.
● Engaging and fun sound signature, that still delivers a resolution.
● Strong forward vocals, crisp treble, and full bass.

● Bass can lose focus at times.
● Shell is slightly large and a bit heavy.




10.2MM High Density Polymer Diaphragm Dynamic Driver
Knowles 33518 Balanced Armature
Knowles 30017 Dual Balanced Armature
CNC Aluminum Housing
15Hz-40KHz Frequency Response
112dB Sensitivity
12 Ohms Impedance at 1KHz


Gear Used & Tracklist:


Shanling M0 | FiiO Q1 Mk II | Hiby R6 | Zorloo ZuperDAC | MassDrop x Cavalli CTH




The Mermaid comes in a large that slides out to reveal the IEMs, some warranty cards and instructions, a bevy of tips, and a very very attractive structured brown leatherette case that had a magnetic closing mechanism with a soft fabric lining and a net compartment for any accessories you might want to bring. It is very spacious and could fit not just the IEM but even some tips and a dongle or even a small player like the AP80 or my M0. (More on the Packaging quality below)

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