Hidizs MS5: push the spirit of play to the end---Review from

Hidizs MS5: push the spirit of play to the end---Review from
An audiophile who plays audio and Hi-Fi may have the addiction of Trial and Error. As big as changing wires and speakers, as small as a piece of sound-absorbing cotton and a shockproof nail, as long as you try out the difference, it is enough for players to have fun for a long time. The world of earphones is not without the same gameplay, but there are many brands and few standards. In addition to the easier replacement of the upgrade cable, other gameplays are actually quite limited. Hidizs MS5 is undoubtedly a product for such players. In addition to its own high specifications, it is more interesting that three sets of sound filters and three sets of eartips are provided with the package. Each has different characteristics, and can be combined into 9 styles. In terms of playfulness, it can be regarded as pushing the spirit of play to the end.

Earphone Design

Advanced settings for 1DD 4BA Drivers

In terms of volume, Hidizs MS5 is not small, but considering its 1DD 4BA drivers structure, it is actually justifiable. The 10mm dynamic driver is made of liquid silicone and Kevlar. It is characterized by strong elasticity and quick response, and the low frequency is more round and rich than tough and strong. The balanced armature drivers use Sonion from Denmark, which are a high frequency BA and a ultra-high frequency BA, a mid frequency BA and a low frequency BA. It can be expected from the configuration that the MS5 pays attention to the details of the weak sound, and the balanced armature drivers are also used in the bass to strengthen the sense of rhythm, which is generally satisfactory. As for the shell, the MS5 adopts a weight-reducing one-piece aluminum alloy frame design, which makes it large in size but balances weight and hardness. As expected, the MS5 also adopts the cable change design, and the plug is 2pin CM. 6N single crystal copper and 6N single crystal copper silver-plated stranded wires are provided in the box, and 8 groups are twisted into a bundle, which is very heavy to hold.

The shell is made of an integrally formed aluminum alloy frame, so that there is a hollowed out position and the visual effect is very good.
Many drivers, the size of the dynamic driver is 10mm, and the addition of vent holes for balanced air pressure is expected.
Interchangeable cable design, the plug is 2pin CM.

The Fun of Changing Accessories

One of the design selling points of Hidizs MS5 is that it provides a large number of replaceable accessories. Including 3 pairs of eartips and 3 pairs of sound filters, with voice, bass and balance three common tone orientations respectively. Combined use, you can have 9 kinds of tone effects. The top of the sound filter is connected by twisting the screw. Personally, I feel that the change of the tone caused by replacing the sound filter will be more obvious. The configuration I personally recommend is that the bass sound filter is paired with a high-balance eartip, and the balance of power and the fineness of the human voice are considered to be the best integration.

Replaceable sound filter design, it is very convenient to replace the sound filter like a screw.

Three pairs of eartips come in three sizes, there is always one that suits you.

The original cable itself is already a stranded wire of 6N single crystal copper and 6N single crystal copper with silver plating, the impedance is not high, and it is easy to push and use.


Wearing Feeling

The volume is slightly larger, use eartips that suit you

It is true that the size of the earphones is too large, but the case refers to the ergonomic design, which can be regarded as a solid fit on the ear. The sound filter is not too long and can easily go deep into the ear canal. The 3 sound filters provided are exactly the same size. There are also 3 pairs of eartips. The texture of vocals and balanced eartips is similar, they are relatively soft, while the low-frequency eartips are a little harder, and the wearing feeling is also somewhat restrained. The volume is slightly larger and the weight reaches 13.6g, corresponding to mainstream earphones and even true wireless earphones, the weight is on the high side. Coupled with the limitation of the wire material, the wearing feeling will inevitably be compromised, but with the blessing of multiple gameplays, it is worth sacrificing a little wearing feeling.

Mainstream in-ear design, comfortable and stable.

Sound Quality Performance

The sense of presence is especially obvious

Bass is provided by a 10mm dynamic driver and a bass balanced armature driver, interestingly enough the bass is really bouncy. If you use low-frequency eartips, the sense of volume will be stronger, and the low-frequency sound filter can bring a clearer sense of low frequency. The same is true for vocal gameplay, eartips have a little more late-stage sound dyeing, and the vocal sound filter is replaced, which makes the sense of reality even higher. However, no matter which eartips sound filter combination is used, the presence of Hidizs MS5 is still obvious. The earphones are easy to push, and the corresponding mobile phones can also easily exert their effects.

The bass is quite flexible. If you use low-frequency eartips, the sense of volume will be stronger, and the low-frequency sound filter can bring a clearer sense of low frequency.

Regardless of whether it is a mobile phone or a DAP player, the feeling of immersion is the same, and the three-band is averaged, probably to reserve space for users to adjust by themselves.



Various ways to play

The price of Hidizs MS5 is very aggressive, the price is less than $3,000, and it already has a 1DD+4BA structure. Coupled with eartips, sound filters and other configurations, the gameplay is very interesting. The original timbre has already performed well, and for players, a large number of eartips and sound filters are provided, which is helpful for finding different timbres, otherwise it is not a bad thing to change the music style occasionally.

The protective box that comes with it is slightly larger, it can store not only earphones, but also sound filters, etc.


  • Specifications: MS5
  • Earphone Type: In-Ear
  • Drivers: 10mm dynamic driver × 1, balanced armature driver × 4
  • Sensitivity: 104dB/mW
  • Impedance: 5.3Ω
  • Cable: 6N single crystal copper silver-plated wire + 6N single crystal copper 8-stranded wire, 3.5mm plug
  • Price: $2,999 HKD
  • Enquiries: iDealism World Co. (3755 4238)

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