All You Need to Know About the AP60 II


The AP60 II is portable, versatile, affordable, and crafted with premium quality. Recommended by many as one of the best HiFi players for an audiophile's first portable player, here is everything you need to know about the AP60 II.

Starting from its physical appearance, the AP60 II is designed with a CNC machined aluminum body, 2” HD touchscreen, intuitive physical control buttons, and a single micro SD slot. The player weighs less than 3.5 oz and its 3” height and 1.65” width makes it one of the most compact players. As you can see, it’s half the size of your phone; and even less if you have a Samsung Note.

Though compact, the AP60 II still utilizes professional HiFi chips AKM AK4452VN DAC chip and MAXIM MAX97220A AMP chip to reconstruct the music back to its original form. In addition, it supports two-way USB DAC with DSD native decoding and OTG capabilities.


Speaking of two-ways, the Ap60 II has Bi-directional Bluetooth to connect to your phone and headphone wireless. The AP60 II is the ideal Hi-Fi player for anyone entering the high-resolution music world.


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