HIDIZS DH80S Review - thephonograph

HIDIZS DH80S Review -  thephonograph

The HIDIZS DH80S has an elegant design that stands out due to its polished look that combines a classy feel with a modern touch. The DAC follows the same aesthetics seen on the AP80 Pro-X, with an X-shaped design with sharper edges. The brand has also adopted a similar finish to the DH80S with a pearled metallic color and a leather front plate. Measuring just 70x50x12mm , the HIDIZS DH80S is impressively tiny and barely longer than the AP80 series. In addition to this, the device weighs just 78 grams.

Differently to many other DAC/Amps, the HlDlZS DH80S has several key points that set it apart, like: portability and ease of use.

Regarding ease of use, the unit is practically a plug and play DAc/Amp; by simply connecting the USB ports and turning it On, the HiDlZS DH80S is 100%ready to be used with either smartphones, music players or computers.

In addition to this, the simple controls design allows a complete volume and gain control without any confusion or learning curve - the volume control can be dialed in 30 precision levels.

HIDlZS suggests specific gain settings to better match each headphone accordng to it's impedance:

  • Low Gain: Headphones from 8Ω to 50Ω 
  • Medium Gain: Headphones from 50Ω to 100Ω 
  • High Gain: Headphones from 100Ω to 600Ω 

Throughout our measurements, the HlDlZ DH80S exhibited a flat frequency response without any spikes, rolling-off, dips, unexpected peaks nor decay across the full range. When expanding the measurements over the 4.4mm balanced port, the HlDlZS DAC behaved identically without any added issues.

Regarding coloration, sound quality bosting and alteration, the DH80S showed a remarkable performance with no evident sound reshaping and no variance from the original source.

On top of that, the 30-evel volume control presented a precise volume increment/decrement and no significant channel imbalance at any setting nor gain level.

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