Hidizs S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - ZMarketChangers Reviews

Hidizs S9 Pro Plus Martha Review - ZMarketChangers Reviews

Bottom edge contains a type-C USB port which is compatible with PC, MAC, Android and current iPhones with type-C ports. There is also a Lightning to type-C adapter that can be purchased separately to connect to the older iPhone versions. For Windows, there is a dedicated ASIO driver available on Hidizs website. Having such a driver on PC is crucial for the best audio experience as it bypasses system mixers, utilizes bit-perfect streams and opens sampling rates up to 32bits/386Khz under driver properties to avoid the additional resampling.

In respect of the sound I can state that S9 Pro Plus Martha is a huge update to a regular audio output of general Android, iPhone, PC, Mac or tablet; 

S9 Pro Plus Martha adds clarity and defines the stage better, provides better control throughout all frequency range and is able to drive IEMs and headphones to a better extent. In comparison to S9 Pro, the newer dongle adds slightly in gain, mostly notable at mid bass and can provide the additional preferences when switching between different filters.

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