Hidizs MP145 Review - Ichos

Hidizs MP145 Review - Ichos

With WDC’s (Whale and Dolphin Conservation) assistance, Hidizs drew inspiration from whales’ biological features for Hidizs MP145 in-ear monitors. By seamlessly incorporating whale tail and rorqual pleat characteristics, they achieved a smooth, ergonomic shape that fits the human ear canal perfectly.

The Hidizs MP145 has 30Ω impedance with 104dB of sensitivity so it is relatively easy to drive while it is not that sensitive to source noise. You can use it straight out from your phone’s 3.5mm jack but the MP145 scales pretty well and loves plenty of current so you better use a high quality dongle like the Hidizs S9 pro.

The Hidizs MP145 is a great planar IEM with excellent technicalities for the category, great sound and a clever tuning system that makes it very adaptable and suitable for both fun and more critical listening. The size is a little worrying but build quality is excellent and the price is right, especially if you grab one during the Kickstarter discount.


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