MP145 Reviews

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HIDIZS MP145 IEM + S9 Pro Plus DAP

HIDIZS MP145 + S9 Pro Plus Review - Twister6

The MP145 model is part of the Hidizs Mermaid series of earphones, and this particular model features a 14.5mm ultra-large Planar Magnetic driver. The inner part of the shell is smooth and has a co...

DACSHIDIZS S9 Pro Plus + MP145 Reviews  -  Headfonia

HIDIZS S9 Pro Plus + MP145 Reviews - Headfonia

Sound performance My main sources were: Hidizs S9 Pro Plus On the Hidizs S9 Pro Plus, plugged with the OG cable, the MP145 outmatched the old MD4 on all of every I listened too. Most impressive of ...

IEMSHIDIZS MP145 Review - gadgetgod

HIDIZS MP145 Review - gadgetgod

Hidizs MP145 has a very lively and immersive sound presentation. The sound has a neutral to slightly warm tone, the instrument notes are well-defined and precise. There is no audible sibilance or h...

IEMSHIDIZS MP145 Review - Master Marslander

HIDIZS MP145 Review - Master Marslander

“MP145 has a very neutral and natural sound; the bass is strong and vibrant; the treble and bass extension is very good; the midrange is very prominent, very clean and clear, very rich in detail; t...


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IEMSHIDIZS MP145 Review - kopfbox

HIDIZS MP145 Review - kopfbox

Beginnen möchte ich mit der mitgelieferten Tasche. Es ist kein typisches und hartes Case, sondern tatsächlich ein Täschchen mit Finesse. Warum Finesse? Man hat bei der Öffnung an einen Verschluss a...

IEMSHIDIZS MP145 Review - Hobby Talk

HIDIZS MP145 Review - Hobby Talk

Hidizs MP145 is truly balanced with minimal difference between the left and right channels compared to other flat panel headphones on the market.   BUY NOW: HIDIZS MP145 To view the full video, pl...

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